Thursday, May 8, 2008

I am going to be dropping..................

you know, I am tired of driving back and forth to Meridian, Idaho just for a Non Pay Training.. I can not afford it... Gas here is $3.60 a gallon.. I get my Gas at's a little cheaper, but not much.
I was talking to the Coordinator about more hours, he asked me if I wanted to drive to Boise to work a 8 hour day with a family... then tells me that they are high maintenance, No thank you!!
I told my husband that he needs to tell me to quit so I don't have to go over there. His reply "Tell them that you don't go to any more Trainings if you don't get paid for them!" "Your car doesn't go unless you get paid." So I am going to be making up my resignation this weekend.. And beside who wants to work on Mother's Day!!
I will be staying with CCOA because I can work when I want to.. Like today, two clients cancelled because of Doctor Appointments (they even called me to let me know) and One wasn't home. So I had the day off today!! It felt so weird not having to work.. I did my own thing.....LOL!!
I have done so much for other people I want to relax and have my own Day that I can do whatever I want to do..
Update on the Insurance Company (Nickolas' Dog Accident). They have made a decision!! They are sending me a form to fill out that has to be Notarized. I am not sure but the insurance man said something about a big $$$.. I will believe it when I see the check in my mailbox!!!
I sold my Key Lime Pie Jar candle today!! And I got a order for 12 votives of Key Lime Pie. A order for Cinnamon and Christmas Pine Mia Melts. And a Cinnamon Bun Candle! Yeah I am back to selling Candles again!! I printed out more things to give to Candle Customers!

Ok Time for bed!!! :)

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