Monday, May 12, 2008

My Sunday: Mother's Day!!

Well, Happy Sunday to you!!
I wanted to comment about my Sunday, the day that ME, the Mother was appreciated (nope).

I can say that My Sons I am very proud of! My Son who is 10 years old Nicky gave me a homemade picture frame with his picture on the back that he made in class.. Nicky wrote on the envelope: "Happy Mother's Day" "My Mom is Cool" and " I love you " and "My Mom Rock" Thank you Nicky!!

And I can say that Neil who is 20 years old came over to visit me and spent a hour and half. He also gave me a homemade card..with Hearts and Flowers inside the card. I was very pleased about it. That they really Love me for being their MOM..

Now, lets get to the Husband! I am not sure why he acts this way. I asked him what he wanted to do for his Mom on Mother's Day, he told me to give her a candle.. So I gave her my Coffee Break Mia Bella Candle.. She loved the scent (I think).. But He didn't want to spend money on her or even his wife..ME..

So I went to go see National Treasure Book of Secrets, with Nicky and the grouchy Husband.. I paid for the Tickets and He paid for the Popcorn.
Then We drove around trying to find a place to eat around 9:30pm and nothing was open.. So we ended up going to Sonic. And Of course I paid for the Meal!!!

Why? Why? I am the person who has to work part time, take care of Nicky, run Nicky around because God Forbid HE won't do it, I have to clean the house, Make dinner when HE comes home and run HIS errands when HE wants something... I really don't get a thank you honey for being such a good wife..and mother..

Well, all I can say is revenge.. Wait for Father's Day!!
ok I am done venting.............

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