Monday, June 23, 2008

Soy and Paraffin Candles!

New studies show that paraffin wax can produce an unhealthy environment. For example, it can blacken your containers, your walls and even your skin. This is caused by the carbons that are in the paraffin. With Mia Bella Soy Candles you can breathe easier knowing that you will have a cleaner, healthier burn.
There is even an added bonus with soy bean oil, you get unique color separation when the candle burns that is astonishing. With all that in mind plus the triple scent, we are able to say there is no other candle like this. We are excited to be able to offer this product knowing that we are helping to create a healthier environment!

Benefits of Soy Wax:
Produces no harmful carcinogens, produces 95% less soot, all-natural made from soy bean oil and other vegetable waxes, water soluable and bio-degradable, have a low melting point which means they burn cool, they are cost competitive with paraffin candles!
Disadvantages of Paraffin:
Paraffin cantains 11 documented toxins and 2 are carcinogenic, produces problematic soot emissions, made from petroleum, many paraffin candles contain metal in their wicks with some being lead, the petra-soot that is produced from burning petroleum-based candles can be as harmful as second hand smoke, paraffin is NOT bio-degradable, it burns hotter and faster!
The American Lung Association has warned consumers of unhealthy indoor air quality from burning candles containing petroleum by products.

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