Monday, July 14, 2008

A day late, LOL Neil's 21st Birthday...

Today July 13th, My oldest son, Neil is 21 years old... We went over to their house for a great lunch/dinner. Yesterday I went over there and help Angelia with the food, she made Enchiladas and Eggrolls.. We also bake him a white confetti cake.. Today I went shopping to get him a pair of shorts and a south park t-shirt. Also bought him a tiny whipped cheesecake and two Fosters..

We came home around 6:30 this evening, I started laundry, made up my bed with clean sheets, put the dishes in the dishwasher, took a small nap, got up and took Nicky to Papa and Nana's house while Mark fixed french fries and watched TV..

Mark's Dad (Papa) brother Bob and his wife Mary Beth Winters are visiting us with weekend, We went over there on Saturday Night to have a spaghetti dinner. It was great.. They live in Kansas and are leaving tomorrow after breakfast at a local restaurant at 9am.. Then off to work, I have one client that I didn't do last week..

So I had a busy weekend!! It was fun talking to Neil's Girlfriend.. She is very sweet... And seeing Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary.. Also we had to watch Mark's Sister's little poodle this weekend because his sister went camping...

Shall write later!!

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