Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Finding the Right Candle....

I know that believing and feeling confident about your products makes all of the difference in your business success.When you have the world's finest candle, falling in love with your business is easy to do.

We are honored to have Master Candle Makers, Lynn and Carmen Milazzo as our Company's candle crafters! They are a husband and wife team who began making candles in their kitchen 20 years ago.

The Milazzo's excel at pushing the "edge" of the candle industry and making the world's finest - best performing natural Gourmet Candles. At any given time, you can go into their candle offices and see all sorts of candles in various stages of development, along with wicks, jars, and scents from all over the world. Their passion for excellence is contagious!

Mia Bella's natural gourmet candles smell so good you're tempted to reach for a spoon instead of a match, and you get the same powerful fragrance from the top to the bottom of the jar. You will be able to offer over 90 incredible "real life" scents.

Your customers will find a candle for every occasion, and a scent for every mood.When you lift the lid off a jar candle, you'll discover people will sigh and smile with that "got to have this" grin of delight.

These natural cleaner burning alternative candles will keep your jars and walls free of all that black sooty mess and leave the air in your home healthy for your family.

It's simply doesn't get better than this:



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