Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hey there!

Tuesday already, Eureka is on now... New Season!!

I bought the New Harold and Kumar movie today, going to watch it (I hope) after Eureka... We have been watching Charmed on DVD.. Of Course, Mark has all the seasons on DVD..

Not sure about the WWE RAW New GM... Isn't he the one that asked why he was asked to come to RAW..?? I thought that was weird, when "The King" was wrestling..

John Cena and Bastita won their match...Yippee!!

have to work tomorrow.......... I am trying to find someone to watch my 10 year old son.... Today, he spend the day at the neighbor's house, Sherry, but then he wanted to go visit his friend, Daniel... So he was running around the neighbor... Tomorrow HE is going somewhere where he is supervised. I am not blaming Sherry.. I am blaming Nicky because he needs to go where he is supposed to go and stay there! ok...enough..:)

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