Monday, July 14, 2008

Let's ZenZuu for Free!!!

And I thought Yuwie was going to work well, but I found a NEW one called ZenZuu that's a LOT Easier!!

"If You Like Yuwie, You're Gonna LOVE ZenZuu "The BIG Difference is, You're NOT Paid for page views! You're simply paid to build a HUGE network of FREE members and login 30 times per month. . That's IT! That can easily be done in 10 minutes per month!

EVERYONE is a free member and there is NO upgrade to ever worry about. . . OR those troublesome page views! Whether you login once per day or 30 times in five minutes, as long as it's 30 times in a calendar month, you will earn a share of their advertising revenue!

ZenZuu will be even bigger than MySpace!!

It's in pre-launch right now, but will begin PAYING this coming August, 2008! By then, you could have thousands below you already, so go check it out and get in QUICK! It's growing FASTER Every Day!!

OH, I should mention, they have a Special Bonus for those who can Sign-up ten active friends by August 1st. . . a MATCHING Bonus on EVERY Tenth Level Person. . . and it's FREE, Just Like Yuwie! After August 1st, to get that same bonus, the requirement will be100 personally sponsored, so get started NOW and hold on tight!! HMMMM, If you happen to have maybe 100 people on your 10th level, making, - say $10, that's $1,000 right there and they only have about 55,000 members so far, as of 5-30-08. That doesn't include how many shares of their take from the advertisers YOU would get for helping them spread the word. The more people in your downlines, the more shares you get!

So go now and sign up for free!

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Rachel said...

I Joined Ya!