Friday, August 8, 2008


off to work i go, Oldsmobile isn't working yet, neil will be putting in a fuel pump today, I hope so just a quick little note....

more later..

Now it's later, time for dinner.....PIZZA!! Ok I went to work, cleaned for two clients and shopped for one.. Love shopping while working huh?? I was at the grocery store heading to the bathroom when my phone went "it's your son what does he want?" He told me some great news!!! My Oldsmobile is running!!! I am a happy camper..

After work, I took the Neon that my neighbor loaned me, I gave it a wash (50 cents) and vacuumed it out (75 cents) and put $20 (5 gallons) gas in it..Its full! I got all my stuff out of it.. It was / is a little hard to go back to my non air conditioning car!! It was fun cruising around in that Dodge Neon!!

I talked to Lee (the neon owner) that I washed it and clean it out and even put gas in it and he said wow thank you, I will loan the car to you more often! Well, I just appreciate his kindness, if i didn't have the Neon, I would of stayed home and wouldn't be able to work.. Thank you Lee~~

Now I want to thank my son Neil for coming over this week and changing the fuel filter and the fuel pump... I really appreciate his help!! And working on the Toyota which he will be driving when he gets it fixed again!!

Well, that is all for now~~ Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

C~~~ I am very sorry for the crap you are going thru with your car!!
You go Girl and kick some butt!!!

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