Thursday, September 18, 2008

Amazing............. and Hello C

I just checked the blog entries and it's over 200 entries.. and I am up to over 2,000 hits which is great!! Thank you for viewing my page!! Much appreciated!

Anyways, I just read the ~C~ blog... And she has a very good gripe today!!
I get those messages all the time, ( mostly) I don't get any one Myspace, Yuwie and Zen Zuu. And "they" do not read your profile! Oh
and I get lots of them there! Just want to say "piss off!!!" BTW, I hated the friend recommendations!!

Anyways, I get to go to work today, have two clients today in town...
Oh yesterday when I was going from a client to the next client..(I stopped
at Wendy's to pick up lunch) I seen two cars hit each other in the middle of the road.. CRASH!! I was like WHOA~~

I came home yesterday and did one load of laundry, washed the dishes in the dishwasher LOL and revamped my freewebs site ((
then I found something that the dog left me in the bedroom, did another load of laundry and vacuumed the living room area twice.. I got Nicky off to AWANAS and then off to my Son Neil's apt.. Neil wanted candy so I took them (neil and angelia) to Winco... for candy. Got a phone call from Nicky, I drop them off and came home, had dinner, got heartburn, I think that was about it, I went to bed early also!

Oh please take another look at my website, and please send me good comments on the Guestbook pretty please..

Ok off to work I go................will let you know how this day went!!!

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