Friday, September 5, 2008

It's Friday Yeah!!

It's friday finally, it's been a busy week, now i have one client that i have to do twice a week, so that makes me get more hours.. I have three clients today and I hope it goes by fast, because today is Pay Day!!!

Our cell phone was shut off on Wednesday, due to non payment, well, it got paid well some of it, i had to use the money in the savings account... geeez people hang on to your underwear, can not wait til payday?

Zito is running around here like a chicken with his head cut off... he is growing up so fast, getting into everything and anything he can get his little paws on..
But he is learning........slowly... I was at the computer yesterday, he came in and sat in back of me, with a roll of toilet paper, he was ripping it up...

We have a BBQ to go to on Sunday, so on Saturday hopefully that cleaning mood will come around so I can get some of the things straighten up around here..

more later..

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