Monday, September 8, 2008


ohhhhh It's Monday again, wow, that weekend went by fast!! Yesterday Mark, Neil, Angelia and I went to the 5th Annual NeighborHood BBQ. It was quite fun.. conversing with our neighbors. And the Food was good!!

Nicky went with his Grandparents (Mark's Parents) to visit with his Aunt Sharon in Mountain Home, Idaho. Mark's Grandmother came in from Seattle, Washington for the weekend.. So it was nice and quiet...

I got to spend time with my oldest son Neil and his girlfriend Angelia on Saturday Night, I went over to visit, do their dishes, you know mother things and they made home made pizza, oh it was soo good... Chicken, Italian Sausage, onions, tomatoes and cheeze... it was yummy!!!

Well, Have lots of things to do today, so have a great day!!

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