Tuesday, September 16, 2008



Tuesday, right, I think I lost a day here, LOL Today I get to go back to work, but this week is going to be a slow and easy week.. Yeah!! Friday I have a staff meeting to go to at 8:30am then have three clients.......... and it's Pay Day...

Tonight Neil, Angelia, Nicky and I are going to the movies. We are going to watch "GET SMART".. Sad part of it is, I am down to nothing in the money department, so I have to take it out of the checking account of $40.. I hate getting down that low on my checking account.

I didn't do much this weekend, couldn't do much no money, I missed the Sara Evans Free Concert on Friday night.... And I missed the Indian Creek Festival here in town on Saturday........... So I stayed home and slept and watched TV..

Yesterday, I put $10 in the gas tank to go to Meridian, Idaho to drop off some candles that I had from a different candle company, I found a lady who did is doing this company so I gave her all of my candles, order forms and outdated catalogs... And my car is at 1/2 tank of gas...........I hope I can make it thru the week on that.. And gas went up six cents !! grrrrr!!!

Well, I have two clients today, so it should be a easy day.........

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