Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I am excited.............for a Wednesday

Hi there Everyone!!!

I talked my husband into upgrading the cable service.. to get a DVR.... and I talked him to getting phone service thru the cable company...which means I can make free long distance phone calls!!! (that will be a great asset to my Candle and Jerky Company).

Well, I went to work today, had to clean for my usual Wednesday's Clients.. Pretty boring stuff..................

Tomorrow is Mark's Birthday! His mom called us to invite us over for Friday night, his sister is making dinner...........Yeah!! Someone else is cooking!!
I am excited about that!!

So the phone will be turned on the 20th of October... hopefully!


~C~ said...

That's cool! :) I just use my cell phone for long distance calls :) I have been contemplating changing my phone number to an unlisted # because I get a million prank calls and calls for people who don't even live here. Then getting an 800 # for my business.

Diane said...

I do have long distance on my cell phone also, but I don't like using up all my peak minutes..LOL..

Maybe one day ~C~ you will get a phone call from me....

thank you for posting, I appreciate that!!