Monday, October 6, 2008



it's monday already, how was your weekend?

Mark has the week off for vacation I get to work. But today is another day off.
I had a great time with Nicky on Friday, we didn't do much. I had to go to a staff meeting at work, then we went to the Bank, then had breakfast at Jack in the Box, we ordered the Breakfast Bowls, they are yummy!

I am considering doing a business blog, having business with family is a little confusing I think. I put the link on the page... check it out..

I met a great lady online this weekend. Her name is Brenda. I meet her on the
"Your Work From Home Business Network" Forum. Brenda also advertises on She is very nice!!

Nothing to really report............ Oh I worked on my main website.
NaturallyScented. Please check it out when you get a chance..

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