Monday, October 20, 2008


It's Monday, wow, the weekend went by fast..

I stayed home on Sunday, I didn't do much around the house yesterday, I didn't feel very well, I slept all day.. Hubby bless his little heart, helped with the dishes.. Nicky spent the whole day at the neighbor's house.

I stayed home on Saturday, guess I am trying to save gas.. And If I don't go anywhere I don't spend $$$..LOL

Today is when the Digital Phone will be hooked up.. Nicky is not feeling too good today, so he is staying home. He is still sleeping. I got up around 4am this morning and arrange the dining room table, arrange everything and thing that is behind me, I had to clean off the dirt.. Now I want to turn the table so we might have more room, have to put Nicky's toy box somewhere else and get rid of the box of Candle Making stuff..

more to come later

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