Thursday, October 30, 2008

No rest for me..

well, today I got a tooth pulled, wanted to come home and sleep, well that didn't happen.. I went to Walmart and bought some cream of wheat and soup.... and Juice for Nicky's school party.. I finally took him to school around noon, he was a big help to me this morning, then I came home and rested for a couple of hours til the phone rang.. So that was a hour and half of quietness... Then I had to go to Nicky's school for his classroom halloween party.. Then came home, then Nicky wanted to go to his friend's house which leaves about 10 blocks away.... So I took him over there and then came home and watch my show that I record and slept through... (thank you DVR), then hubby came home, then off to pick up Nicky again... I swear I don't have any ME time...

Got a phone call from Neil, he and Angelia are coming over!! Yeah!!

More later..

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