Wednesday, October 1, 2008

quick one..

I have been talking to a friend, my online friend who lives in FL, she is having a very hard time these days, she told me that her father is ill. Rachel, if you are reading this, you are in my thoughts and prayers..

I have been viewing blogs today, I found a neat one..
Debra who is a Diamond Leader with Mia Bella
I found that reading the team leaders' blog
motivates me.
Today is Wednesday and it's almost over with, so on that note it's almost Friday and good news~~ I asked for a vacation day on Friday, Nicky will be out of school.. I have a staff meeting at 8:30am but after that I will be chilling out with my little boy.. You know how long since I had a Friday off? Well, since July 4th.. I keep plugging away at work and it's gets boring at times. I sure love my Boss, she is a great lady..........
More later, time for bed.. good night

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