Sunday, October 12, 2008


It's Sunday already, Mark has to go back to work, he spent all last week at home.
He did do stuff around the house, he took out the swamp cooler out of the window in the living room, he put up a curtain in the bedroom, getting the cans ready to hall in for money which was $207 which he kept..

Yesterday, Saturday, I was invited to Sherry's Baby Shower, it was fun. I won a prize. Had chocolate cake!! Then I asked Angelia to pick us up, then went over to her house for the evening, had homemade pizza, Nicky spent the night over there. That was his big brother Neil's house, first time..

Today, I am cleaning house again....never ending job with three dogs that shed hair like you wouldn't believe.. Mark is playing his video game again........
Nicky helped me mop the kitchen floor with my new mop.. Cleaned out the dust in the computer, the keyboard wasn't working, cleaned out the vent in the microwave oven...Washing clothes now.........and getting ready to run the dishwasher.. Tomorrow I will take out the vacuum cleaner............

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