Thursday, November 13, 2008

I am a AUNT....

Hello there!!! It's been a great day, I wanted to blog this before going to bed. I went to work today, had two clients, and when I left my last client I got a phone call from my bio brother's ex girlfriend who lives in California. As you may not know, my brother Patrick got Amy pregnant and left her by herself while he came up to Idaho to visit us sisters.
I have been talking to Amy for quite a while, she would call me and tell me what is going on with her.. She had a beautiful healthy baby boy yesterday, (that is what she said)! He weighed 7 1/2 lbs and 21 inches long. She named him Shane Patrick. She sounded so excited!!
I am so proud of her. I got home from Neil and Angelia's house and she left me a message that she is moving back to her Malibu Home. ( which is a long different story ).. So she can be with her other two kids..

I got a phone call from my third cousin in California, He told me that Patrick called him and he and Jennifer (his girlfriend now which he met here on July 4th) is in California and is hitchhiking to Blythe, California. That is where our mother is buried at. And that is where they started a fund when our mom passed away in 1976 for Patrick Williams. Not sure how much is in that fund, but he will be trying to get that. Patrick doesn't know that Amy had the baby..

So I am so excited to be have a biological nephew. And I do welcome her to the small dyfuntional family. I know have a new sister in law and I have a new nephew!!! I will keep you posted on this subject!!

Well, off to bed for now, I have a big day, I have a new client and two other ones to clean for. Also it's Pay Day (yippee) and on Saturday I have a Candle Party to do in Boise, Idaho. My adopted Dad is coming over on Saturday to go visit his sister who is in a nursing home and isn't doing very well..

good night blog readers!!!


Sabrae said...

YAY on the baby! Congrats... but is your bro going to take responsibility for the baby?

~C~ said...

Congrats ~D~! Thats awesome - I hope your bro does the right thing.

Diane said...

No, My bio Brother is not taking responsibity of this baby, he walked out on Amy in June to come up here and now he is with Jennifer. Now to mention his other girlfriend in the Netherlands.

My brother probably wont see his child I don't think Amy will let him.

Sabrae said...

It's sometimes sad that men are that way. But if he just walks out on the girl he knocked up maybe its for the best :)