Saturday, December 13, 2008

Busy Saturday..

I am now home after a trip to Ontario, Oregon to visit my Dad. They had a Christmas Party at The Assisted Living Center where he is residing now.. It was good to see him and spend time with him.. I helped him out with his Christmas Cards and to make out his Christmas Checks for him..

Nicky and I went to the Christmas Party with Dad and his lady friend (I don't remember her name), it was a nice party, I was waiting for my big brother Rod and his family to show up, they arrived five minutes after seven pm.. We got the present that they brought and gave it to the lady in charge of the presents for underneath the tree.. Santa arrived and gave out all the presents..

Meanwhile Dad was sitting there behind me, Santa picked his name second.. He was surprised to get a gift.. A minute of two Nathan and Ryan walked in back of him and tap him on the shoulder and he looked up and they said "Hi Grandpa!!" Dad was surprised to see him.. He was happy that we all come to the Party!!

After we got invading the food table we went back to his room and visited. It was nice to see all the kids together.. I will post pictures of them later.. (I put new batteries in my camera)....

So I am off to bed.. I am getting tired..

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