Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy TGIF!!!

Hello people out there!!!

boy I had a busy day, I went to Boise to pay the House Payment! I spent two hours in Boise driving around LOL.... I got some pictures so I will be downloading them and posting them later!!

I had to go to work today also, One Client. Plus it is Pay Day....yippee!! I took myself out to Jack in the Box for lunch after going to the bank.. Then I had to pay the Car Insurance and the Power Bill which I did online..

Oh right now as I am typing!!! WE have SNOW!!! yippee!!!

More later!!


Sabrae said...

I have never read anyone who is happy for snow...Girl do ~c~ and I need to come put you in a nut house??? LMAO!

Diane said...

we didn't get much snow, it came down for about a half hour then stopped..

are you threatening me about a vacation? LOL!!!