Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lazzzzy Sunday!

It was a Lazzzy Sunday today, sleep all day, hey I got dressed to go to Neil's house to get a couple of eggs.. Then hubby made chocolate chip cookies..

Oh we finally got snow.. it snowed this morning!! And it is almost melted away, the temperatures here are going to be COLD!! Hubby has the week off for vacation.. And I have to go back to work on Tuesday.. Have to figure out what days I can take vacation from my work since Nicky will be out of school for two weeks!

I think Monday we (hubby and I) will be shopping for Nicky.. My son wants a PSP --- I am not sure... I check on craigslist and oh gosh they are expensive!!

I still have to shop for everyone but it's hard, paying all the bills doesn't leave much money for shopping........ or money for next week...

ok, going to bed's almost midnight. Good Night!!

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Leon Basin said...

That's ok! Maybe, next week will be better.