Saturday, December 13, 2008

Neil playing Guitar Hero..

Here is Neil my son at his apt playing Guitar Hero.. He is pretty good at it..Unlike me, I am not a good player.. LOL..
What do you see on the table ~C~?? They have two of them!!


~C~ said...

Looks Like Mia Bella candles to me! :) haha Hey hows he playing Guitar Hero with the hand controller?- We have the guitar son is really good at it. he plays on the expert mode - little showoff! lol

Diane said...

Neil was playing the guitar, it can't see that, he is sitting on his game chair..

Nicky on the other hand, plays with the controller when we play together, he is pretty good with the controller.. I myself have a hard time with the guitar, I am in the middle of easy and medium... can not get my pinky to work on the blue button..

Maybe I will spend more time on the guitar hero to get more practice.. on Sunday......