Monday, January 26, 2009

10 Honest Things about Diane.

1. I love networking on the computer, via blogs, myspace, facebook, twitter. I have been a facebook addict lately... and a green spot addict..

2. I love taking photos -- I always carry my Sanyo Digital Camera, if I see something interesting like a idaho sunset I have to take a picture of it.. (and Yes I did take a sunset picture I haven't uploaded it yet.)

3. I love watching movies like comedies, drama, some scary movies.. The Bucket List makes me cry everytime I see it.

4. I love burning candles-- Love the sweet smell of a Mia Bella!

5. I love to sleep!! I love weekends also!!

6. I absolutely love my family!! Sometimes they can be annoying!! All three boys at the same time but I wouldn't trade them for the world..

7. I love listening to country music. Always have music on in my car and singing along to it.. Trace Adkins "Rocks"!!!

8. I love collecting "Tweety" things--- Slippers, blanket, stuff animal and a tattoo on my right leg!! It follows me around!

9. I love visiting my Son Neil.. I miss him a lot since he only comes over to wash clothes. He is always busy.. I love visiting with his girlfriend Angelia also!!

10.. And lastly, I don't blog very often like I should..

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HealthyHomeJunkii said...

I love your list. Great idea for a list to make! hehe.