Monday, January 5, 2009

Everyone Came home!!

Well, I had a relaxing day...LOL Neil came over to wash their laundry, did three loads I think, he went out to shovel the snow off the drive way for Mark. Nicky came home late b/c the school buses were running 20 minutes behind.. I did more laundry, I wash the blankets today, I love how they smell when they come out of the dryer!!

Didn't do much, I wanted to take a nap, but if I did sleep that would of took the whole day. I have to go back to work tomorrow.. Have two clients (I think) if the roads are good..

I am staying home and saving gas and money.. Me is broke!! I mean like 10 dollars in our checking account, I had to take money out of the saving account to put in to the checking account. So Friday is pay day but it will not be very much money for me..

We went over our Verizon Minutes (way over) I wasn't a happy camper with that one when I paid some of it online last week. Our minutes dont come back around till the 7th of this month.. I am thinkin we are getting about a $250 or more bill for that one!!

So we are having a friend over tonight, not too fond of him but he is my husband's friend so I have to be nice!! Or maybe I can be a Bi*ch to him and piss him off and he can leave!! LOL.. So I will go into the bedroom and snuggle in my clean bedding and watch Monday Night Raw!! Maybe I can call someone................

talk more later....................

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