Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am back........finally

I know, it's been one of the days that everyone wants my attention!! Then I have to wait till 11pm to use the computer........... we have been having problems with our other dinasaur monitor, you know the big tube monitor that takes up the whole desk.. LOL.. So hubby gave me some money to go buy a new one.. So here I go...went to Walmart, low and behold, everytime we want something big ticket or even small, they are out of it. Of course the prices were a little bit high, and of course they were out! So I walked out disappointed, drove to K-mart LOL that was a JOKE!! they didn't have nothing in monitors... I called my hubby back, (meanwhile he is ringing every ten minutes wondering what I am doing..) So I am on the phone with him and he mentioned to go to Staples, which is right next door.. So I said OK.. Walked in and asked where the computer monitors were.. The girl at the check out was very nice.. and she directed me to the Manager.. He directed me to the monitors and I went "wow"! My jaw dropped!! They had a better selection that Walmart and they were Cheaper!!! The Manager talked me into buying a Samsung 19 inch Monitor.. And better yet I only paid under $160 and that included the 1 year warranty.. So now everyone wants to use it!!! I love my husband!! He says that he didn't like me "nagging" at him anymore because of the monitor...

Ok that was on Monday night!! Today was Tuesday and I had two clients to clean for.. Another "problem" I had to take care of .........driving a friend to Nampa at 8am in the morning!! So that means I have to get up earlier than I wanted to........... Needless to say I am not a happy camper driving him to "places" which is a long and boring story!!

Neil and Angelia came over to do laundry today, I swear it took forever!! LOL But I didn't mind, I love seeing them.. They are currently looking for a new place to leave, their lease is up in May...so Angelia is looking around.. They are looking for a place in Nampa! I will miss them...........Now they live in town....

So I do apologize for not blogging more! Just been busy taking care of everyone else!! I am so looking for friday because It's payday and it's my day off!!!

Waving to everyone..........and giving out hugs!!!

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