Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today was my Last Day.........

Hi there, I haven't been blogging much, nothing to report about.. I went to work today, I had to clients.. Then I dropped off my time sheet today at the office. My boss Carol, (bless her little heart)... asked me to talk to me (alone).. And she told me that they had to let me go.. Not because of my work abilities, but they don't have money to fund the homemakers. So I was one of them. I am a point, No money coming in on my end, (hey, the paychecks are nothing to write mama about), but that I dont have to listen to my clients tell their stories over and over again.. Mine you, I love "some" of my clients to death.. I enjoy visiting with them and I don't mind cleaning their houses.. but there are some that don't appreciate me..

So anyways, so I will be concentrating on my candles and try to find other work..

So I will post more later.. have a good one..

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