Sunday, March 1, 2009


hello there, I am doing well today, I got to sleep in........ Nicky spent the night at Papa and Nana's house last night.. And Mark's friend came over last night to watch a movie..

Today, Mark and I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond, that is one expensive place to shop.. We bought one of the air cleaners, Mark's mom has one of them so we bought one today, plus some other little items. Ended up spending over $100 there. Then we went to Port of Subs to grab a sandmich.. ohhh they have great sandmiches there.. Then we came home.

Update on Roger: I have been calling my Dad every few hours to get a update on him and he is doing better. Today Roger ate breakfast and got to talk to Dad for a while. The jaundice (yellow) is going away.. I will probably head over there tomorrow (monday) for a quick visit.

Yesterday, his twin brother Rod went over there and closed down the shop..

So we are just hanging out.. Mark is playing his game today and we are waiting for Nicky to come home..

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