Monday, June 1, 2009


Well, Last week was adventureous. LOL!!!

I got a hair cut on Monday, had to wait for a hour at Great Clips, I had a coupon and I guess everyone else waited like I did and had a coupon.. 05-26-09 was the expiration date.

Wednesday I started my "new" job. I started a nine o'clock in the morning, that day went well, it lasted till seven pm that night. So my boss said I worked 10 hours that day, it was easy, just drove him to Boise, Nampa Area, no biggie.. He bought a car......(He flips Cars for a living.)

He told me that night that he wanted to go to Boise early to get that car that he bought to the shop to check it over, well, that didn't work,

Thursday, I arrived at his house before nine am and he had made other arrangements.. I went to the laundrymat for him, (see I don't know how to work the machines down there, since I have one at home.) I had to run the clothes and sheets/blankets to the laundrymat, then come back, clean up the living room area, run back to the laundrymat to put the clothes in the dryer, then go back to his place. (it was only five blocks away..).. then drove back to the laundrymat to pick them up, I folded them the best way I could, took the clothes/blankets/sheets back to his place.
I guess I didn't do a very good job at that, he didn't talk to me. Then we finally left to go to Boise.

After I came back from the first time I was at the laundrymat, I came thru the door and he said that I was grouchy. I stood up and said that I didn't like having people call me grouchy when I was in a good mood. He of course turned it around and told me that I could of gotten fired for that. (OH WELL!) He also told me that I was abusing him. (because I was trying to defend myself)

We went to Boise that morning, met his friend, went to where the car was (that he bought the day before), went back to Caldwell, to register the car in his name, so he could own it, Ok I asked very nicely, that if I can get off early b/c I needed to be home for Nicky, it was his last day of school.. He told me that we could pick Nicky up while we were in Caldwell, (he was at the DMV, I picked up Nicky). Drove back to the DMV, picked him up and drove back to Boise again. We waited for him to reserve a rental car for the weekend, we waited for four hours. I ended up at Enterprise in Boise at six pm. Nicky and I got home around seven pm.

There was some things said in between.. He told me that he was gay, I was a little suprised, and I thought about it, ok.. he is gay, no big deal.. Then we went to see his friend, he told her that he said He was gay and I believed him. It ended up being a big lie.. (I don't care for lying to me).

And missing Nicky's last day of school.. I was heartbroken. Yes He let me pick him up after school, but I feel I should of been there for Nicky.. He graduated from fifth grade on Tuesday.

I came home and told my husband about what happened that day, he told me that this job wouldn't work out, so I call his case worker and told him that things have changed..I didn't have a babysitter for the summer.

Then next day, which was Friday, I had to go in and fill out my tax papers, He called me to let me know that he was running late, I told him that things wouldn't work out and he asked me why, I told him that I didn't have a sitter for Nicky.. He said ok then hung up..

I just can't handle him, lying and using all my gas up.

So I enjoyed a relaxing day on Friday, Nicky went to Papa and Nana's for the day, he ended up coming home on Sunday night.

So now I am unemployed again.. I do have my ChaCha to fall back on. I have to spend at least three hours a day doing that. I get to spend quality time with my 11 year old son. Money is tight right now, but that is how things go.

And I am falling back on the candles.. So if you need any great smelling candles, look me up!!

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