Monday, June 8, 2009

Hi and Hello I am here

Hi there!! I am still alive. I made it through the weekend, I was very lazy.

Today is Monday, I cleaned out my car, Nicky shopvac the liquid that was in the car, then we washed it. So the car got a bath today.. Then I cleaned my bathroom. ewwww.. I live with two boys...

I am using on Facebook now, doing things on there.

I got my June's Candle of the Month and it smells wonderful.. My son Nicky went over to the neighbor's house and sold a votive. I need to make some Summer Love scent samples and send them to a friend that i met online thru Messenger..

So just being lazy again. Getting hungry and my husband isn't home yet..

Have a Great Monday!!

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~C~ said...

yea i know what you mean- I live with 2 boys also - they are slobbies! haha