Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hey there!!

I know, i don't blog much anymore, just staying home with the kid and playing around on Facebook these days..

July 10th was my 43rd birthday and my husband took me out to dinner and a movie, we seen the new Transformer 2 movie. We seen it at Edwards which is the expensive theatre..

Last Friday, I went out with my Big Sister/My Best Friend Forever Tambra. She took me out to Applebee's for dinner. I had to go to a Church thing with Nicky that night, so Tambra and I had a late dinner around 9pm.. Then ended up going to her place to watch TV. Had a great time except Nickolas kept calling me every half hour wanting me to come home.. I ended up coming home around 1am.. I had fun..

Saturday Nickolas and I went to Ontario to see my Dad and Brother Roger.. We got to the Center late for their BBQ... Ate something, then went out to see my Dad's Girlfriend's place in Ontario, which she lives on the Snake River bank.. I got to see a hummingbird like three feet away from me.. It was awesome to see that.. We drove to Roger's house and he wasn't feeling very good.. IMO, he doesn't look good. but that is just me.. Dad commented that he did look good.. I can not believe how much my family talks behind each other's backs. I try to stay out of it.. That is why I don't visit them very often..

Sunday we just stayed home in the cool house.. We watched True Blood on HBO. I really like that show.. Oh Nickolas went swimming today from 3pm to 6pm..

Today, amazingly, Nickolas didn't asked to go swimming today.. Nicky went over to the neighbor's house to mow their back yard, I went to pick up my Sister in law's dog, Pepper, the poodle..then we watched a Movie at home.. We watched "BOLT" it was a cute movie.. Then I vacauumed the house and ran the dishwasher.. Mark came home..

Sad news today, found out the Taiban has captured a Idaho Soldier. I have posted something about it on Face book.. Please keep him in your prayers that he makes it home safely.

This Thursday the 23rd of July is our wedding anniversary.. We have been married for 10 years.. Time goes by fast these days..

And I forgot to mention that on July 13th which was Monday, My oldest son Neil is 22 years old.. Of course I didn't see him on his birthday... but I did call him and left him a message.. I don't talk or see him much anymore.. And I am getting use to that.. It's very hard for a mom to cut the apron strings.. I do miss him a lot!!

Haven't been feeling good at all this past week or this week.. I have a pain still that I don't know what it is.. and it's bugging me a lot.. I also need to go to the dentist to get this piece of tooth pulled out.. Oh speaking of a tooth, mark my husband, was having problems with a tooth, needless to say now, he isn't feeling pain now, it feel out on it's own.. with out the dentist....

Local news about the Ryan Stockdale operation... Click on the link.. Very Sad news to me.
The Stockdales was on the Extreme Home Edition two years ago.. They got their new house..
Now Ryan is suffering from Headache Clutters.. Very painful.. They are trying to get insurance to cover a operation that he needs.. more to the story is in KTVB.

The Canyon County Fair starts this weekend.. I doubt it if we are going.. Since I am not working and not making any money. I have to watch the money come in and go out. And Mark is wondering why he doesn't have any extra money to spend..

I will try to blog more these days.. Hope everyone is having a safe summer!!!


~C~ said...

sounds like you've been busy! I hope you have a nice anniversary :)

How was the transformers movie? I heard it wasn't that great..

Mahmood said...

Your blog is very nice. Let us pray for peace for the world. Let us make the world pollution free and save it for our children. Wish you all the best. God is Great.
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