Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Doing the dance, it's called the Happy Dance.

well, I am still around.. yep, haven't done much of anything, cleaning the house mostly, since we have a weatherization check on monday, which we didn't qualify because it was already checked back in 1996..

Nicky is doing well in school, he got transfered out of band into PE. I think it has to do with his friend bothering him in Band. I did address this concern to the Assistant Principal and on Monday he was transferred out..
They are offering him free tutoring classes in Math for him, he starts next week.

I used to work for Comfort Keepers last January thru May. I called the place yesterday, asking if I can go back to work, the HR lady, Brenda said that I can. She was going to reactivate me.. I go in on Friday to do the paperwork.. So I am happy that I will be going back to work.. Not sure what my schedule is going to be, but it will be nice to have my own money again and to pay the cell phone bill..

I will save money to join For Every Home in November.. And get caught up on some outstanding bills like the Dental Bill, Irrigation Bill and the Cell phone bill..

Doing some little projects like My Instant Biz, & PowerBarClub . Which are doing good..

I just found this and my downline is growing fast. You sign up, load the tool bar, view ads and get others to do the same and see the $$$ flow. It is free so give it a try and if you are on your computer all day like me you can just post a few ads and click on a few ads and watch it grow.

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