Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bad Tooth Ache this week!!!

well, I survived a major tooth ache this week.. It hurt so bad on tuesday that I couldn't stand it anymore.. I had to go to Nicky's school for a teacher thing..I went over there and left, ended up going to walmart to get some orajel for my tooth.. My jaw was swollen a little bit..
On Wednesday I got up early to go to the dentist, my tooth didn't hurt then, when everyone left it started to wake up..but the pain was mild.. It still made my jaw cheek swollen.. and it was bigger than the day before..
Today, I got up early, went down the the tooth 7:30am. I was second to be called so I was happy... It got in at 8am.... talked to the nice looking doctor about my tooth.. he shot some numb stuff in my mouth... waited for twenty minutes, he pushed it with the chiesel, then took the plier type tool and out it came.. Easy as pie.. just like that. it was done.. oh relief!!! he gave me a prescription for antibotics.

Tomorrow is Mark's birthday, he is taking his vacation next week.. My new job is going slow... but its nice to get out of the house..

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