Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's almost time for Santa..

Hello!! Have you missed me??

I have been working a lot of hours.. well, 14 hours with two clients, (same house), and 10.50 hours with another client.. then on top of that I get to work more on the weekends.. 4 hours with a new client. Tomorrow i have to get up early at 4am to be at work at 5:30am till 2:30pm then drive to another client and work at 3pm to 5pm.. I am going to be tired tomorrow night..

Last episode of Dexter is on Showtime tomorrow night.. I like that show, it's going to be a good episode i hope..

we got snow today... it started last night around midnight, snowing off and on.. It's all cold and white outside, but not as cold as it was.. it was 5 below zero last week.. this is a heat wave and a snow

Mark is on vacation this next week.. And no he didn't have any accidents lately.. His toe is healing up good.. he still has his toe nail still.... which is good.. it will fall off when it feels like it..

Not looking for Christmas break for Nicky.... he has two weeks off... he has early release on friday the 18th... then off for Christmas and New Years, he will spending lots of time with

I have been traveling to oregon on my days off, which are Thursdays.. Helping him out with his grocery shopping and bill paying..

I watched a episode on Oprah on Thursday I think it was... I DVR'ed it... The little Mermaid Girl passed away on October 23, 2009.. I was sadden by this news.. She was so full of life.. RIP Shiloh..

well, another year has almost gone... where did the time go?

I have updated my Naturally Scented Blog as well.. Posted some items that SoyLicious has to offer.. I got some orders so I am excited... I received my COTM of Moon Pedals and it smells wonderful!!!

Signing out,

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