Saturday, February 6, 2010

WWE continued.. and other things...

I received my WWE Raw Tickets in the Mail.. Waiting for February to go by..

February is going to go by so I feel.. I have work and I have a Orientation appt on 2/18.. And my work schedule now is pushing close to 40 hours.. which I do not like one bit. I don't have time for ME anymore.

but i can say that the paychecks will be good every two weeks.. I signed up for AFLAX so I hope I can get something out of that..when i need it.

nothing much is going on.. I actually stayed home on a Saturday...I usually run over to Oregon to go shopping for my brother.. but I have been having a little bit of car trouble again...every two weeks it needs something..

I got the taxes done yesterday so in a couple of weeks we will be rich again...LOL..
well, not that rich, but it will be nice to have some money in the bank..

just wondering how everyone is doing these days??

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