Sunday, March 30, 2008

Do you Love candles??

You say there is no way I can sell candles....
Ask yourself this....Do you love candles????
Do you know someone that loves candles??
Well Guess what it's that easy!!!!!
You can start your OWN business for under $50
AND with other candle companies you have to sell so much to make money.......Not with these!!!!!

Check it out, look at the monthly newsletters on my website.
Every day people are changing their lives with a simple little candle.

Not sure.....Still have questions.....want to try one first?
That's what I did and once I lit my first candle I was amazed.
I'm a candle freak and I had never burned one like this.

Want a sample? Shoot me an email I would love to send you one.
No pressure, YOU decide.

Send me a email to

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