Sunday, March 30, 2008

SoySational Cleansing Bar!

You can use our new "Soysational Cleansing Bar" to shower, shave and shampoo! Once you experience the benefits of this amazing body bar you will never want to go back to plain ordinary "soap" again!

The Soysational Bella Bar™ is much different from (and vastly superior to) ordinary "soap".
Using ordinary soap is an exercise in "overkill" that cleanses the skin too much and that
can leave your skin drier and itchier and (worse yet) ordinary soap can actually make your skin age faster!

Ordinary soap also helps deplete moisture from your skin
which can weaken your immune system and can leave you more
susceptible to toxins and bacteria!

Available in 6 great fragrances:
Mystical Melon
Juniper Breeze
Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper
Slate & Stone
Japanese Pear- NEW!
Order yours by going to
Scent-Sations Website

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