Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trace is Still Number One..

I watched the Celebrity Apprentice tonight and I enjoyed watching the Concert/Auction. Montgomery Gentry, The Guy from Lonestar and Ronnie Milsap on Trace's Side!! I really enjoyed Trace singing at the end of it.. Trace's wife and two daughter's came to visit with him!! What a Moment!!

I was very disappointed that Trace didn't win, but it was very very close.. Everyone LOVED Trace! But Piers Morgan won it.. Congratulations!!

Did anyone else see this show tonight?? Please leave your comments!! I would love to hear them!!

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~C~ said...

I have to say that Donald made the right choice ...why? Because throught the whole show who was the one that earned the most money? Piers. It's not a popularity contest - if that was the case Trace would have won. It's business and in the business aspect of it all Piers blew Trace away.