Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is it Friday Yet?

hello everyone!! I would like to thank you for viewing my site, I wish they (blogger) had a counter so I know how many people have looked at it. I put a Poll on it, so please answer the question.. I would love to know how many people are here viewing..

Today was a ok day, how come everyone calls in the morning? I am trying to get myself going, take a shower, get dressed, check emails, etc and the darn phone rings. I had the Insurance Company call, which was fine, I was expecting them to call, then one of my client's call and cancelled. Then another person called me who doesn't speak much English asking me if I wanted a FREE sprint phone--Hello? no thank you, please take me OFF your darn list!!!! I finally got to my other client's house around noon..

Then after that, I had to run home and Nicky was home.. He had early release today, so we got to spend a quiet time at home.. He didn't get mad at me today which is usual... He went to Awanas tonight and he came home showing me his face, he had taken off the glue on his face where he got bitten at. So now he is Stitch Free and Happy..

Oh My Cousin in California called me, Hello Royce, I am very happy that you taken the time to call me, Sorry my cell phone lost the call. Here is where I will keep YOU up to date on my family, ME and what I am doing.. Oh by the way, I love you too!!!

well, it's getting late, so I am off to bed..
Good night All!!


~C~ said...

Hey There Miss Diane! I read your blog! :) Then again I read everyones blog - lol Why don't you just add a web counter to your blog if ya wanna know how many hits your getting? Just a thought! Have a good day - luv ~C~

Diane said...

I don't know where to find a web counter??

help me please!!


~C~ said...

IDK try like -

or something - just do a google search for web counters