Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's Sunday!!

Well, its Sunday, and I have slept all day... Then came online to read emails that I got from my sister in law!! Maybe I will show you some of them.. They are funny...

My Neighbor Sherry got her self a new tattoo on top of her right foot, I will show pictures of that, I took pictures! Everywhere I go, I take pictures..

I couldn't take pictures at Nicky's Music Program, but I did get one minute video of him playing his instrument, but then it got deleted accidentially, so now video.. sorry..

I am getting the HANG of this site, I have put a web counter on it-Thank you Christine for helping me out!! I really appreciate your help!!! And I have arranged my sites accordingly and added my friend's blogs on here..

Well, I will write again later......

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