Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's BEEN a Long Week

Hello!! Monday was my day off, I went to get Gas today at Costco; drove to Meridian, Idaho to drop off my Comfort Keepers paperwork; Went to Walmart to pick up a money order; then came home. I was only gone for two hours, but it seems like the whole day went by fast.
Tuesday, I cleaned three clients' houses; My Dad's Birthday he is 78 years young today, Nicky and I drove to Ontario, Oregon in a big wind storm, we all went out to dinner at Sizzler, (I love this place.) Then came home before 11pm..
Wednesday, I cleaned two client's houses; went to a CCOA meeting, came home, went to Meridian to a Comfort Keepers Orientation Meeting. Came home around 10pm with McDonalds ice cream.
Thursday, I cleaned two client's houses; I took a morning nap which I shouldn't have because I started late and was tired for most of the day. Came home, Order 7 buttons magnets for my Spree Winner, Order some Gourmet Cupboard items, ( I am donating some Gourmet Cupboard items to the BirthMother's Day on May 10th), My Candle of the Month is going to be here next week!!
Friday, I have three client's to clean for; Pay Day, Getting Nicky ready for a overnight camping outing for Scouts tonight; And I don't know what Client I have with Comfort Keepers yet.. This week is busy.. This MOM thing is a busy thing to do..... I didn't know it was going to be this stressful..
I will post some pictures I took on Tuesday with my Dad on his birthday..
I got to see my niece after 15 years.
I am waiting for our stimulas check to arrive.....
oh it's almost time for bed..................

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