Thursday, May 29, 2008


I have made it thru another Thursday!! I had two clients today, Of course I started late again, I wanted to go to Meridian to hand in my paperwork folder that I had for Comfort Keepers, but I didn't, I came home and did the dishes and was on the computer all afternoon listening to the News on 24/7 ( Nicky came home from school and went to play with his friends.. I went to get the snail mail and what do I find? A check from Comfort Keepers... A big whoppin check for $15.00. I thought they said that they were supposed to pay for my background check when I made it to my third month probation period.. I started back in January 21 and now it's May 28th that I resigned... Do I still qualify for my back ground check money??

I am sitting in the dark now, listening to Home Improvement. Today went by fast, it was good, no one wanted anything from me today, I like to hide from everyone now a days...

I am wondering who is going to watch Nicky during the summer while I work? Nicky has not been to a day care and never will go to a day care.. So it's off to grandmother's house (or his aunt's house) this summer!

Neil came over to help Mark get the GMC running again......... So I got to see my oldest son. Bad News, Neil didn't get that job at the Freedom Storage place..:((
I got a little upset that he didn't get it, I get frustrated when you go to find a job that the people there make you feel like you have the job already, then after a few days, they don't hire you.. That is what Neil went though.. So back to Craigslist in checking Jobs for him again.. Neil is getting a little depressed again.. I hope things will get better from him...

Tomorrow is Friday, Pay Day weekend!! whoo hooo!!! Love the have money rolling in!!!

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