Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I am so frustrated!!! It's all about Everyone else!! I am not trying to be selfish but everyone wants something..............Fix me something to eat, where is dinner?, can you come get me?, can you go get ice cream? etc etc day in and day out!!
Then hubby wonders where all the money goes. I paid house bills today, and took some money out of the savings account to pay for them.. So I have to show him where it went..
We got a insurance check for Nicky's dog accident and when I went to the bank, they put a five day hold on the darn thing, so now i have to wait till next week to pay off the hospital bill..
Can you believe these Gas Prices??? OMG!! I have to quit my $7.00 per hour job now!!
Can you tell I am a little peaved today!! Maybe tomorrow will be better!

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