Tuesday, May 27, 2008


First of all, I have changed my profile picture.. This is me taken in downtown Caldwell looking at the Indian Creek. You can view more pictures at my Yuwie site.. (look for the link on the right hand side)..

I am getting ready to go to Angelia's Graduation tonight. Now, it's thundering and raining lightly outside and I love it!! It smells soo good..

I had to work today, had two clients worked for 2.50 hours today, then went to Walmart to get some Flowers for my flower bed, I can not believe how HARD it is to Gardening!!!!! Wow!! I have lots to do....

oh by the way, no one that I know of would of drove around to decorate graves except for me, my adopted brother didn't go to Nicky's birthday party because he would of driven to Nampa.... So.........does that say something about me?

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