Tuesday, May 27, 2008


On Monday, I had a nice visit with my son Neil's Girlfriend Angelia. She invited me and Nicky of course to go to the movies............ We went to watch 21. It was good movie..
Angelia is graduating tomorrow at the Idaho Center in Nampa, Idaho.. And we got invited..
On Saturday, I drove to Ontario, Oregon to pick up my adopted Dad, Bill and drove his van to Nyssa, Caldwell, Boise and Nampa to decorate graves. Nicky and I got back around 8pm and Mark was not home, he went to the movies with his friend.
On Sunday we went over to my husband's friend Chris.. He had a time fixing her lawnmower, but it's working now. Then we went over to his Uncle and Aunt's house for a graduation BBQ for his cousins.
The weather was great until it was five pm and it got windy and cold..
I really like these three day weekends!!

Nothing yet about my biological family, but I did write a small letter to my half brother that I am going to mail off..

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