Friday, May 16, 2008

We found MY baby brother..

I wasn't home all day, got home and listened to my phone messages, I got a call from My Third Cousin (long lost cousin which is a different story) Anyways, I call my Cousin back in San Bernardino, CA. We have found Lil Patrick.. My baby brother!!! Our Mom, Jennifer Williams gave birth to four children. Baby Boy Williams, (March 24, 1965), Diane (ME) July 10, 1966, Tonya (August 1, 1967), and Lil Patrick (September 1, 1970). Royce has been talking to a Private Investigator/Police Officer there in Riverside, CA. It's a long complicated story but all in all we have found him!! Now we have to find our older brother. I will update you on the progress...
It hasn't really sunk in; I haven't processed it yet, but I am getting excited that we have found him..

Royce called me again with Patrick's Phone Number and I called him!!
what a wonderful and emotional day for us!!!

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