Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sue Me..

I got written up on a yahoo group; I joined this group thinking that I would get a sale and I had to buy something from someone, but I didn't want to do it.. so I left this group and the owners written me up for it..
Now I am a Mom that is on a limited income, I have to pay for my Candle memberships and Jerky memberships out of my "paying job". I did have at that time under $2 in my Pay Pal account and I seen that some of the WAHM's accepted RME.. but to tell you the truth, I didn't want find anything interesting to buy.. I am sorry if I did something wrong, the owners said that they emailed me when I left but I didn't respond... Oh well, Life goes on............. And I am not the only one who left with out buy something....

And I removed her blog from this blog.......... HAHA!~!

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