Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A little late in Blogging: My long lost brother...etc....

It's Monday Night/Early Tuesday Morning!

Been at home all day, hubby has the week off, I woke up late this morning and the day went by so fast and I didn't do much, except the dishes and a load of laundry and I even folded the clothes that was on the living room floor and they are still there (folded).

Well, we got a phone call from my dear brother Patrick, he asked to come over to pick up his phone charger and the bear that he bought. He didn't stay very long, he told me that him and Jennifer his girlfriend were leaving for Reno, NV and The BurningMan Festival then to Hawaii. He gave me a quick hug no kiss on the cheek like he did last time he came to see me.. And off he went....

Well, I got bored and called my sister Tonya in Ontario, OR, well we talked for 70 minutes on the phone, we talked about our little brother, she told me that he was over there on the weekend, they are homeless now, since her mom found out that he living there also, LOL

Well, I asked her if he (Patrick) talked about me.... She said yeah and told me what he said.. Told her that I was a bitch. It didn't really surprise me at the time but now that I think about it, that really hurt!! I mean, I welcomed him into my house, I bought him a new pair of jeans, shorts and even a shirt, I bought him beer that he really needed NOT!!, I gave him food and a place to stay, I even drove him to see our sister in Ontario, We let him stay for one week and then we let him stay for two more weeks and this is what I get?????

I don't want to let you know what he has done............I am not that kind of person. But I do not trust him anymore AND I do not want to see him again!!

oh ok, enough about this!! I can not believe what a piece of sh** he is.. I am sorry to say...............

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