Friday, September 26, 2008


I want to say thank you ~C~ for "following me" I appreciate that!

It's friday almost Saturday, no sleeping in tomorrow, have to get up early and get ready for a memorial service, found out today that my Dad's sister's husband has passed away on Wednesday, found it in the Newspaper today, so I called my family to tell them. Dad will be coming over early to pick me and Nicky and I get to drive his big Van again..

Today went by ok...........Had two clients... usual Friday Clients, very nice ladies..
I talked to my Boss about taking some vacation time off, she asked me how many hours I have accumulated, I told her about 14 hours, she said well, take them.. So I am wanting to take some time off this month.. a couple of days (fridays)... workie!!

My son Neil and his lovely girlfriend Angelia came over to visit me today......... They rented some movies from us.... we don't rent many movies we buy them... so they come over once a week to get a movie to watch.. LOL

I think that is about it, so I will post something else, I have a questionaire from Myspace from Rhonda coming up....

Good night~

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