Friday, October 31, 2008

hello again,

Forgot to tell ya that I am taking a VACATION DAY today!!
And I asked my Boss today when I turned in my paperwork
for the Month that I can put down yesterday (dentist day)
Vacation day as well.. so that is two days in a row...... hehehe

Got all my errands done, I paid the Gas Bill for the heat... I paid my usual money to a friend that goes to Les Schwab for the tires, I gave Neil some money for his Truck Registration and extra money for Gas for his truck.. (what a nice mom i am huh??) I took the kids to Sonic for a hamburger, had a coupon for buy one get one free..

I still have to find something for Angelia for her birthday... And money for my Candle of the Month and Jerky..... I wish I can Make money with Candles and Jerky and NOT spend money....grrrrr!

I have to buy a new black ink cartridge for printing up stuff
for my OPEN HOUSE PARTY this Sunday!!!

I already put in the House Payment for this month.. And will be
paying the Car Insurance on the 13th right before Pay Day!!

Nick has a neighbor friend over here today, they are out of school.. Have to get them ready for Trick and Treating.... lol They are driving me Crazy today!!!!!!!! So be safe out there!!!

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Sabrae said...

You can be my mom and pay my bills too :) LOL j/k